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Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Accessories, Hardware, and Countertops

In Part 1 you did your planning, chose your type of cabinet (stock, semi-custom, or custom) and decided on a style. Now it’s time to choose the finishing touches for your kitchen cabinets.

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Kitchen Accessories

When choosing the right kitchen cabinets, there are many different accessories you can pick from to make your kitchen more functional and attractive. Accessories can be used in any of the three groups of kitchen cabinets. This can help you customize your kitchen, even if your budget only allows for stock cabinets. Special storage and/or display needs can be accommodated using accessories. For instance, want to display a plate or other type of collection? Drink wine and need storage for bottles and glasses? Appliance garages can keep your countertop from becoming cluttered, but allow easy access to frequently used small appliances. Pull-down spice racks can keep spices close at hand, but out of the way when you don’t need them. Roll out baskets can make reaching all items in a lower cabinet much easier. These are just a few of the accessories available. Check with who you purchase your kitchen cabinets from to see what accessories are available.

Cabinet Hardware

Such a simple thing for your kitchen cabinets, but what a difference it can make. Think of hardware as the jewelry for your kitchen. Prices can vary from relatively expensive to high dollar options. The choice depends on your budget and taste. There are many online retailers that offer all varieties. This can be a good place to start your research and get a feel for what’s available. Even if you decide to purchase your hardware from your cabinet retailer, make sure you check into all the different options to complete the look of your kitchen cabinets.


Finally, to go along with choosing the right kitchen cabinets, pick a countertop that matches the feel of your cabinets. Countertops are offered in a wide range of materials and prices. Once again, educate yourself about the options available and see what fits your budget. You may find that a combination of different materials suits your needs better than just any one option. This can also help you further customize the look and increase the functionality of your kitchen to suit your specific needs.

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