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Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets: Frameless or Face Frame?

by Allison Beatty

New kitchen cabinets come in two basic styles of construction: face-frame and frameless. While both kitchen cabinet styles have their advantages, it's important to know that one style may be a better fit depending upon the look you hope to achieve and the amount of increased storage space you desire.

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Here's a quick review of the differences between new frameless and face-frame kitchen cabinets.

Face-Frame Kitchen Cabinets: Options and Traditional Style

Are you craving the look of a traditional kitchen? Want to add options such as fluted stiles, rosettes, and corbels to your new kitchen cabinets? If the answer to these questions is yes, then face-frame kitchen cabinets are the right style of cabinetry for you. While this kitchen cabinet style doesn't offer as much interior storage space, because of the frame, it does offer greater flexibility when it comes to decorative options. That's because this kitchen cabinet style is made by taking two separate pieces, the cabinet frame and the box, and putting them together. Face-framed cabinetry can take on many different appearances. In fact, you can even choose an inset cabinet style where the doors are made to fit inside the frame, giving your cabinetry a "flush" appearance similar to a frameless kitchen cabinet.

New Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

Known as European style kitchen cabinets, this style of cabinetry typically features either laminate or wooden doors. If need to maximize your cabinet storage space, this kitchen cabinet style is the best option for you. That because with new frameless kitchen cabinets, there are no space stealing frames. Instead, the doors attach directly to the cabinet boxes, increasing your drawer storage space by as much as 20 percent over the more traditional face-frame kitchen cabinet style.

So whether you're in need of added storage and want a simple, clean look, or if you prefer a more ornate or traditional look, there's a kitchen cabinet style that will take your kitchen from dated to dynamic.


Face Frame or Frameless, Wood Digest

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