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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Solid Surface Countertops


Because of the nature of solid surface materials, you can choose an integrated sink and or drain board composed of the same material. This gives you not only a smooth stylish look , but an easy space to clean up as well.

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Solid surface countertops when cared for properly can actually outlive the kitchen cabinets they rest on. The material is the same throughout so in the event of damage it can easily be repaired with an abrasive cleaning agent or the right sandpaper.

Almost Endless Array of Colors and Textures

With several companies manufacturing solid surfacing today the choice of colors and textures has exploded. In fact, probably the only difference between the manufacturers is their color and texture choices. Because of these options, you can create a kitchen countertop to fit whatever style you desire while giving you the functionality you need.

Seamless Surface

Solid surfacing material can be formed into almost any size or shape mostly eliminating the need for seams between pieces. In the even a seam is needed, the seams are sealed and become non-porous, resulting a seamless look and feel. You won’t be able to tell the seams are there. This makes cleaning so much easier as there are no seams to harbor dust, food particles and bacteria.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze with solid surfacing. Plain water is usually all that is required for cleanup. There is no seal required, so that’s one last hassle to worry with. If you need to disinfect the countertops an easy to mix ammonia solution is all that is required. The scratch resistance of solid surfacing plays a factor in maintenance as well. Sanding and or repair will not be needed as often as other materials would require.

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