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Craftsman style cabinets: ideal for older kitchens

Popular in the early 20th century, Craftsman style cabinets have recently come back into favor. While they are also referred to as Mission style, cabinet doors come in both double and single panels and resemble those found in Shaker cabinetry design.

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Materials and detailing make them Craftsman style cabinets

True Craftsman style cabinets are constructed from one of the following materials:

  1. quarter-sawn oak
  2. mahogany
  3. cherry
  4. vertical-grain fir

Hand-made construction with fine details, like mortise and tenon joints, dovetailed drawer boxes, and simple iron or brass hardware characterize the carpentry. Hardwood cabinets are usually finished in a stain, while fir or pine cabinets are often painted.

Hand-made or machine, cherry and mahogany cost the most green

Prices for Craftsman style cabinets vary widely. Although the original intent of the style was to produce hand-made, custom pieces built in small shops, most major cabinetry manufacturers now offer mass-produced versions. Cabinets built in the traditional manner are usually more expensive and higher quality.

Cost also varies depending on the type of wood used. Hardwoods such as cherry, mahogany and oak are the most expensive. Soft woods, such as fir and pine, are much less expensive.

When determining the cost of cabinets for your remodeling project, search manufacturers' websites. Try to get quotes from local cabinet shops as well. Always have your kitchen layout plan ready and know the size and number of cabinets you need when requesting a quote.




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