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Dramatic Lighting Highlights Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Projects

by Joe Taylor, Jr.

With kitchen remodeling experts estimating the average cost of replacing cabinets at over $5,000, kitchen cabinet refacing offers a less expensive way to achieve a fresh, warm feeling in an outdated space. Because today's kitchens serve as hubs for entertaining and family gatherings, experts suggest adding some key lighting elements when you reface kitchen cabinets.

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Let Refaced Kitchen Cabinets Soak Up Warm Light

As you decide how to reface kitchen cabinets in your home, work with a professional who understands how cabinets reflect light. Harsh, reflective material might look good in photos but often disappoints homeowners before too long. When your kitchen cabinet refacing project includes soft latex paint and natural materials, you can achieve a warm atmosphere that also remains safe from mold and bacteria.

Install Smaller Lights During Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

As you reface kitchen cabinets, have your contractor integrate efficient new lighting that better illuminates your work space. By bringing light closer to countertops, you avoid harsh central lighting that downplays your kitchen cabinet refacing project. Meanwhile, targeted sectional lighting uses less energy, since you no longer need to light up the entire room.

Lights Add Texture to Refaced Kitchen Cabinets

Many kitchen cabinet refacing projects allow homeowners to echo classic home designs from Europe and Asia. By targeting lights on textured material, you can give your kitchen an added dimension and a feeling of greater depth, especially in smaller urban spaces. Dimmer switches on main lights and accent lights around your refaced kitchen cabinets can also add contemporary touches to classic kitchens.

Taking these suggestions may add a few days and a few dollars to your kitchen cabinet refacing project but experts advise that it can be more costly to add lights later.

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