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Old cabinets? Kitchen cabinet refacing can save you from remodeling

by Aretha Grant

If those old cabinets are looking grim but you don't have the budget to replace them entirely, cabinet refacing is a great option for creating new-looking cabinets. The great thing about cabinet refacing is that it's easy enough to do on your own.

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6 steps to reface cabinets: kitchen face-lift with veneer

Before you begin to reface your kitchen cabinets assemble these tools: measuring tape, a clean rag, a utility knife, and a veneer smoothing blade.

  1. Prep your cabinets. Kitchen cabinets can collect a lot of minuscule grease from stove splatter to fingerprints, so be sure to use a household degreaser to wipe down the surfaces that you're planning on refacing. Allow ample drying time.
  2. Measure the surface. Using a measuring tape, measure out the surface that you are planning to cover, adding a 1/2 inch to each measurement. If you are covering the door as well as the sides, measure each surface separately as you will be using a new sheet of veneer for each.
  3. Cut the veneer. Using a utility knife, cut the veneer according to your measurements.
  4. Remove the paper backing from the sheeting to reveal the self-adhesive.
  5. Center the sheeting on the surface you are covering.
  6. Apply pressure. Starting from the center, work your way out to the edges with your smoothing blade. Follow the tool with the palm of your hand, taking care to apply the sheeting evenly, leaving no air bubbles.

This refacing method is a great way to mimic the natural look of wood cabinets. Kitchen cabinets that are made out of natural materials--or at least have the look of wood--can add warmth and coziness to your home.

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