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Popular This Fall: International Kitchen Colors and Earth-Friendly Materials

by Joe Taylor, Jr.

Designers and architects around the world report that Americans have entered a "modern traditionalist" phase. Often when selecting kitchen colors, homeowners prefer familiar palettes and patterns--especially those from our youth--but with a modern, organic twist. While the trendiest colors and patterns raise kitchen cabinet prices for consumers, experts note that new paints and materials last longer and offer other benefits for homeowners.

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India and Tuscany Influences on Kitchen Colors

While warm Tuscan kitchen colors increase in popularity every few decades, designers note that the current traditionalist cycle includes a heavy influence from India. Deep red and brown colors mix well with familiar tan and beige tones. Experts suggest alternating colors when painting your kitchen, because a blend of light and dark can makes for a more interesting, inviting place to cook and to socialize.

According to one expert, today's homeowner prefers cabinets and furniture that evoke history without looking "stodgy." Therefore, dark wood furniture offset by vibrant ceramic tile can create a more livable kitchen color combination than aluminum and black--a scheme that enjoyed tremendous popularity only a few years ago.

Painting Your Kitchen with Eco-Friendly Materials

Kitchen cabinet prices tend to be higher when you use eco-friendly material. Many of these modern materials, however, are expected to be far more durable than their alternatives, while providing peace of mind to environmentally conscious homeowners. For example, new types of kitchen paint protect wood from moisture, while deterring bacteria from forming on porous surfaces. Painting your kitchen this way also protects you from future kitchen cabinet prices because well-preserved wood can easily be stripped and refinished with new, trendy colors in a few years.


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