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Things You Need to Know About Green Kitchen Cabinets and Pricing

by Judi Sandall

Having gorgeous new kitchen cabinets and going green to protect the environment--do you have to choose one over the other? And for those green kitchen cabinets, is pricing an issue? Let's look at three considerations that go into choosing green cabinets.

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  1. Materials. Is the wood or bamboo certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)? This means they were sustainably harvested, no forests were clear cut, and there was third-party oversight. The adhesive should be formaldehyde-free and the cabinets should be finished with low- or no-volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Check for green certification by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturing Association (KCMA). Or, you might also look into refinishing salvaged wood.
  2. Processing. Manufactured kitchen cabinets--engineered, particle board, thermofoil or medium density fiberboard (MDF)--can use recycled components and "green" glues but the actual manufacturing process can use a lot of energy, which subtracts "green" points.
  3. Other. How far did your cabinets travel from the manufacturer to you and how long will the cabinets be in use? Long travel distances and less than 15 years of use takes away "green" points.

Green Kitchen Cabinets Pricing Considerations

The bottom line on green kitchen cabinets pricing--they're going to cost a little more in terms of financial "green" but a lot less in terms of environment "green." Your choice! Pricing information for green kitchen cabinets is scarce on the Internet so contact a local cabinet wholesaler for more information. A number of other variables--location, buying online, design choices, custom or stock cabinets--can also affect the cost of your green kitchen cabinets.

However, to answer the initial question, indeed you can have absolutely gorgeous new kitchen cabinets made from responsibly harvested hardwood, sustainably manufactured products, or some of the newer and trendier materials like those from VanBeeks' Custom Wood Products Inc.--kirei board (made from woven sorghum stalks), bamboo, wheatboard (made from processed wheat straw), and sunflower seed board (made from sunflower hulls). Go gorgeous with green!


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