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What to Expect from Trendy Kitchen Design

by Shannon Dauphin

Want to know what's new in kitchens? By the time you choose your kitchen design, hire your kitchen remodel contractor, and create your dream come true, many of your ideas might be a bit old and dated. Avoid that problem by looking toward these kitchen trends that are expected to heat up in a few years:

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Kitchen Trends for Cutting Edge Kitchen Design

  • Kitchen cabinets get a classic look with cherry, maple, and alder making a comeback. The distressed kitchen look is out, and the sleek, stylish and modern look is in. Go traditional if you like, but know that the more pristine the kitchen cabinets look, the better your resale value might be.
  • Standard dishwashers are still hot sellers, but drawer dishwashers are catching on. They are exactly what they sound like--the dishwasher runs the same functions and does the same great job, but it pulls out like a drawer and disappears seamlessly into your cabinets when closed.
  • Gas stoves are more popular than electric ones, but the big surprise is how induction ovens are coming back into style. Choose an induction oven with smaller compartments to cook foods at different temperatures, and your dinner will never have tasted so good!
  • Traditional kitchens are more popular than modern kitchens these days, but for those who prefer the simple look, Shaker style is coming back into play. Don't expect to see a lot of color in the kitchen design showrooms in coming years--colors like beige, brown, and off-white are taking center stage.

If you're looking to design a kitchen that has great resale value, look to the upcoming trends for advice. But if you love your home and plan to stay put for decades, go crazy with your own unique kitchen design style.


About the Author

Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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