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Metal kitchen cabinets: sleek, subtle, sensational

If contemporary architecture’s clean, bold lines reflect your outside-the-box attitude, explore the versatility of metal kitchen cabinets.  The options are as plentiful as  daubs of paint on an artist’s palette, and just as likely to result in something truly original. Take a look:

  1. Style options? Oh, yes! Create  unique cabinet doors with a line-drawing of your son, a hand-drawn undulating vine motif, or one of the geometric patterns available  in Lasertron’s stainless steel kitchen cabinets. Lasertron also has etched glass inserts both  as patterned flat panels and as little geometric windows. Cabimax is a U.S. company that builds stainless steel, aluminum, European design, and contemporary styles, including solid color styles. Euro Intelligent Kitchens in Englewood, CO, imports many metal kitchen styles and offers a free design service. Even Wilsonart ™ has a line of decorative metal laminates suitable for cabinet doors and cases. Explore them all.
  2. Designing with metal: Purists may prefer that cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes blend into a glimmering unity. Or mix wood cabinet cases with metal door frames, textured glass center panels, and a granite countertop.  Marry royal blue doors with stainless cabinet cases, or Euro-style creamy metal cabinets with wood accents. Lasertron’s patterned backsplash panels create an element of surprise in any mix.
  3. Copper, anyone? For a warmer look, copper countertops, sinks, backsplashes and range hoods are custom crafted from companies like Circle City Copperworks for any decor from contemporary to western ranch style.
  4. Ordering options: Some companies make cabinets to your precise measurements while others have stock units and sizes for production and cost efficiencies. Ask each company about the gauge of metal used in their cabinets and their product warranties.
  5. Maintenance: Metal kitchen cabinets are durable and easy to clean. Unlike granite and other stone countertops, metal countertops’ non-porous surfaces aren’t inherently bacteria breeding grounds. Do not use cutting knives on metal countertops.

While you’re at it, if you like to entertain on your patio, check which kitchen cabinet companies also produce weatherproof metal cabinets and countertops. Why not extend your good idea to the outdoors to create an indoor/outdoor design flow?

Only specialized cabinet companies are equipped with the lasers and metalworking machinery necessary for making metal cabinets. Consider hiring a kitchen designer, especially one with contemporary tastes, to help with planning, ordering, and cost savings.

Kitchens with lots of metal surfaces may be understated in form and color, but the warm light that suffuses their gleaming surfaces is a reflection of your creativity and hospitality. Why hesitate? Start planning.

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