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Three Affordable Ways to Redo Your Kitchen Cabinets, Inside and Out

by Dawn West

Cabinet refacing is one of the quickest, most affordable ways to transform the look of your kitchen. One quick swap, and your old cabinet fronts are replaced by stylish, new cabinet doors. One commonly cited downside, however, is that kitchen cabinet refacing doesn't allow you to address organizational issues. If you need more storage space or if you'd like to spruce up the interior of your cupboards, not just the exterior, cabinet refacing may not be the answer.

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There is some truth that. If you want a major storage overhaul, you may be better of opting for total cabinet replacement. But if the price of cabinet refacing sounds a lot nicer to you than cabinet replacement, that doesn't mean you have to give up on your dreams of reorganizing your cabinet interiors. Here, the top three ways to have the insides of your cupboards looking as great as the outside, without breaking the bank.

Clean and Paint

Start basic. Clear out your cupboards. Objectively evaluate what you use and don't use. That old juicer that hasn't seen the light of day since 1987? Give it to Good Will. While the cupboards are bare, really scrub them down. Get all the crumbs out of the corners, find all the spots where the pots and pans have scraped the wood. Sand them down. Now paint. When the color dries, you'll be thrilled with how fresh your cabinets look. Return everything to its proper place, and enjoy that shiny new feeling.

Subdivide and Conquer

Sometimes, even after you've cleared the clutter, you still need more storage space. Instead of brining in a carpenter to custom make new cabinets, start by subdividing the space you have. Install vertical dividers to help keep stacks neat. Add free-standing chrome or plastic shelves to tall cabinets to offer more levels of shelving. Put drawer organizers in place to create more storage niches. Don't spring for new kitchen cabinets until you've seen how much your current kitchen cabinets can truly store.

Roll Out

Pull-out kitchen cabinet organizers are easy to install, and they can turn formerly useless back corners into prime storage real estate. Screw them into place, then pull those cookie sheets or tupperware lids out from their tucked-away spot whenever you need them. Because pull-out cabinet organizers come in a range of shapes and sizes, you can take advantage of their organizational might whether you're cleaning up a deep cupboard or a shallow shelf.

It's true, cabinet refacing only transforms the outside of your cabinets. But with a little wherewithal, you can give the inside of your kitchen cabinets a makeover at the same time.

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