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Kitchen Cabinet Costs, Pricing, and Options

Whether you choose unassembled, stock, built-to-order or custom cabinets, cabinets will comprise about 50% of the material costs for a new kitchen.

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Choices that impact cabinet prices

Floor plan: The more cabinets the higher the cost. (One 48" wide is less than two 24" wide cabinets.

Door Style: Solid wood styles usually cost more than flat or veneer panel styles. Wood species and complexity of style also impact cost.

Finish: Specialty finishes such as glazes, complex colors or distressing may cost more. Heat catalyzed varnish finishes cost more than lacquers, but are longer lasting. Hand rubbed stains may cost more, but penetrate more thoroughly than machine applied stains.

Options: Companies offering a greater variety of features may charge more, but allow more customization. Installed options cost more than kits you install, but the contractor may charge more to install them for you. Choosing options that you want helps you set priorities for the entire project, control cost and assure a satisfactory result.

Modifications: Built-to-order and Custom cabinets allow certain dimensional modifications to standard products that stock cabinets do not.

Ask the salesperson where you shop for your cabinets about the availability of each of these before you select your cabinetry. You may want to make a list of options or dimensional modifications so you won't forget to inquire about each one, then compare, based on your own needs and budget.

Construction Type Relative Cost Advantages/Disadvantages
Custom (manufactured) High Close attention to detail, exclusive styling, generally high quality finishes. Custom sizes and special applications. Manufacturer backed warranty.
Custom (job or small shop built) Medium high No restriction on wood species, style, finish color (except for more complex glazes, two dimension colors, etc.) or cabinet sizes.. High-solids conversion varnish finishes unavailable. Warranty may depend on a single individual or small firm.
Built-to-order or semi-custom Generally high quality finishes are available Numerous choices in wood, finish color, options, decorative details. Some modifications in sizes available, cabinets are manufactured when ordered, as ordered, completely assembled, usually including options. Manufacturer backed warranty.
Stock Low to medium Immediate availability. Available in most popular styles and finishes only. Some assembly of options required. Limited cabinet and detail selection. Backed by manufacturer warranty.
Ready to Assemble Low Immediate availability. Certain popular styles and finishes only. Assembly required, including all optional features. Limited cabinet and detail selection. Backed by manufacturer warranty.
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