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Stretch Your Cabinet Space: Top 7 Storage Ideas for Kitchen Cabinets

by Jessica Santina

An updated kitchen with lots of storage is every homeowner's, and homebuyer's, dream. A kitchen featuring cabinets in good condition and plenty of storage offers almost unbeatable value to you, both as a homeowner with a clutter-free existence and as a potential seller.

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Here are the top 7 ways to maximize storage in your cabinet space, whether you're installing new custom cabinets or overhauling your existing ones:

  1. Appliance Garages: Just like it sounds, this is essentially a box with a roll-door that houses appliances you'd normally keep on countertops, but don't wish to see all the time. This is one of today's must-have kitchen features among new homebuyers.
  2. Full-Extension Drawers: Take advantage of all your drawer space by adding full-extension capabilities so you can pull drawers all the way out.
  3. Utensil Racks: Nothing says "cluttered mess" like a utensil drawer full of big, oddly shaped gadgets that make your drawers hard to close. Clean it up with a utensil rack hung underneath a cabinet or on a wall, and use that drawer for something else.
  4. To-the-Ceiling Cabinets: Rather than soffits that collect dust, many homeowners are opting to take their custom cabinets up to the ceiling to maximize otherwise unused space and store rarely-used items.
  5. Adjustable Shelving: When it comes to shelving, one size does not fit all. Create adjustable cabinet shelving to make your space more versatile.
  6. Upright Storage: Store those flat, wide items like cutting boards and cookie sheets upright by converting the narrow spaces beside sinks and ovens into storage.
  7. End Caps: Stick additional shelving at the end of an existing cabinet run to store collectibles, cookbooks, or cookery.


About the Author

Jessica Santina is a freelance writer and editor with 11 years' experience in media, marketing, and publishing, and 8 years' experience as a college writing instructor.

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