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Stock kitchen cabinets: sturdy, beautiful, and inexpensive!

by Kelly Richardson

Sure, a unique, dazzling kitchen would be nice, but custom kitchen cabinets cost roughly $16,000 to $20,000 for a 10 x 12' kitchen. In-stock kitchen cabinets from a building supply company are closer to $4,000 to $5,000. Unless your moolah is unlimited, these beautiful cabinets will update your kitchen without breaking your budget.

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Stock kitchen cabinets: the overview

Stock cabinets are well-constructed, aesthetically pleasing, off-the-shelf units that many homebuilders and renovators choose. You normally pay per linear foot or length of cabinet. Many DIY superstores carry a variety of cabinets, from finished wood to painted to laminate-covered, in stock. The pricing guide below lists standard sizes. Let it serve as a starting point for your budget planning and shopping needs.

Base cabinets for the kitchen's foundation

These strong, stable units come without a countertop, so remember to budget for a beautiful countertop of your choice. You'll still be way ahead of the price of custom-made cabinets, which also come without countertops. The prices listed below are merely estimates and averages from a few large home improvement warehouses (note that these prices are per cabinet):

  • 18'' cabinet: $115-150
  • 24'' cabinet: $120-160
  • 30'' cabinet: $130-180
  • 36'' cabinet: $145-200

Wall cabinets

Eye-level wall cabinets create a visual statement in your kitchen. As with base cabinets, the choice to buy ready-made, in-stock wall cabinets will result in a beautiful, welcoming look that will last for years. Below, you can see the costs of standard sized stock wall cabinets. The list translates to about $50-60 per linear foot. They're cheaper than base cabinets because they are shallower and don't have drawers. Here's a jumping-off point for budgetary purposes:

  • 18'' cabinet: $90-125
  • 24'' cabinet: $110-145
  • 30'' cabinet: $115-155
  • 36'' cabinet: $125-165

Nothing dates a home like dilapidated kitchen cabinets. Consider these budget and planning tips, then begin your basic kitchen remodel accordingly.

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