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5 great types of wood for cabinets

While you may want to buck the trend when choosing to replace kitchen cabinets, which are an enduring focal point of what is arguably a home's most important room, there is a reason these wood choices are some of carpentry's most timeless.

Most popular wood for cabinets

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  1. Birch: This versatile wood makes as much sense in an uptown loft, as it does in a country cottage. Birch provides an excellent base for solid color finishes. Dark stains are not recommended due to variations in the original wood's color.

  2. Hickory: This fine grain, dense wood is moderately heavy and very tough. You can choose hickory that is meant to be easily stained and painted or meant to show off its characteristic knots and burls.

  3. Oak: This popular wood for cabinets is characterized by its dense grain and heavy, sturdy weight. Oak responds well to dark stains due to its uniform color.

  4. Pine: A lighter wood, pine is more cost-effective than heavier styles of wood. Pine wood responds well to stains, though a sealer can prepare cabinets for an even look.

  5. Paint grade: Looking for an economical option? Paint-grade cabinets can be made from a variety of different woods and are made to be painted, as their name implies.

Research companies that offer different wood for cabinets

In addition to the types of wood you choose, you'll also have options among manufacturers. For example, a company like Adelphi Cabinets will offer a wide range of finishes and wood for cabinets, allowing for customization without the custom price tag. The more you learn, the more you save and the better your home looks. Educate yourself before you replace those kitchen cabinets.

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