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Black wall cabinets add storage space and elegance to any room

You may imagine black wall cabinets in an office, trophy room, or corner niche, but these handsome cabinets can make a striking statement in bathrooms. Small wall cabinets are commonly found above toilets. They are a good place to store hand towels, decorative soaps and common toiletries. In bathrooms with darker cabinetry and decor, these cabinets add a nice aesthetic.

Black wall cabinets at retail outlets

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Black wall cabinets come in a variety of sizes and prices. As a rule of thumb, larger, more ornate cabinets cost more than simpler styles. Small versions for the bathroom, usually cost less than $100, while large models with glass doors and interior lighting can cost several hundred dollars. Black wall cabinets can be found at most home furnishing retail chains, home improvement stores and online discounters, such as Amazon and Overstock. Many of these cabinets require user-assembly.

Custom-made black wall cabinets

More elaborate cabinets that serve as wall furniture can be custom-built at woodworking or cabinetry shops. Just remember that custom cabinetry often comes with a hefty price tag. The benefit of custom-built woodwork is the ability to transform a simple piece of furniture into wall art that provides an unique accent to a specific room.

Wherever you put them, wall cabinets are a great way to create extra storage-space in your home, especially in small areas like bathrooms and foyers.

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