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Your Kitchen Remodel: Should You Buy Cabinets Online?

by Shannon Dauphin

Most homeowners don't buy cabinets until they have examined every brand imaginable. Much of that kitchen cabinet research happens online, where learning about any kitchen cabinet manufacturer is easy. But the ease of the Internet can also make you very tempted to buy kitchen cabinets online. Is this a good idea?

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Good Reasons to Buy Cabinets Online

There are a few good reasons to find your kitchen cabinets online:

  • Convenience. You can surf the web at your convenience and take your time looking at kitchen design plans, as well as make side-by-side comparisons of materials and companies to determine the best kitchen cabinets for your needs.
  • Added do-it-yourself flexibility. If you love building things, purchasing cabinets online allows you to do plenty of that. Choose cabinets that require assembly and get busy with that hammer and wrench!
  • No high-pressure sales tactics. Buying kitchen cabinets online means you don't have to deal with salespeople who want to get close to your checkbook.

Why You Should Not Buy Cabinets Online

Sometimes buying kitchen cabinets online is not the best idea. Here's why:

  • High shipping costs. Though you might find great savings on kitchen cabinets by shopping online, the cost of shipping can make up for that, and might even cost you more than cabinets purchased from a showroom.
  • No inspection of the cabinets. The nature of purchasing anything online means you can't inspect the merchandise until it arrives. If you don't like the cabinets, returning them can be a hassle.
  • Assembly required. If you're not handy with assembling cabinets, you can purchase pre-assembled cabinets online, but the shipping cost may be much higher.

Even if you choose not to buy kitchen cabinets online, the Internet is very helpful in the research and kitchen design process. Start clicking!

About the Author

Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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