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A Colorful Take on What's Hot and What's Not in Kitchen Cabinets

by Jessica Santina

Your kitchen has a big job: It's where you eat, gather, store important items, and spend a good portion of your waking hours. And you should also enjoy being in it. This is why you should consider painted kitchen cabinets.

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Today's kitchen cabinets come in all the colors of your imagination. The only thing they aren't is predictable. Here's a look at today's color trends.

What's Hot in Kitchen Cabinets

  • Painted kitchen cabinets: If your cabinets are wood, consider painting them. Painted kitchen cabinets add depth and interest, expand on themes, and may be painted to complement other features. You can even distress them or use faux finishes. Painted kitchen cabinets open up a world of choices.
  • Earth tones: While some homeowners will opt for traditional colors, such as white or brown, today's designers have an eye toward the environment, even when it comes to color. Think sage or earthy greens, butter yellow, creams, deep or gray blues, or even black. These earth tones warm up a room and often blend with the rest of your home, which is a real plus in open floor plans.

What's Not

  • Heavy ornamentation: Just as fashion tends to mirror the economy, so does home design, which is why today's kitchens are clean, streamlined, and minimal. White kitchen cabinets are the perfect accessory for contemporary kitchens, because white implies a clean, clutter-free setting, and it's the perfect canvas for beautiful dinnerware, tile, or fixtures.
  • Matchy-matchy: Gone are the days where your cabinets all have to match. Feel like trying a bold color, like red or purple? Try this trick: Paint the island or bottom run of cabinets in that color, while keeping the top cabinets white, for balance.

On this site, you'll find plenty of design ideas for your kitchen cabinets.

About the Author

Jessica Santina is a freelance writer and editor with 11 years' experience in media, marketing, and publishing, and 8 years' experience as a college writing instructor.

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