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How to purchase solid oak cabinets that meet your budget

Oak is one of the most popular wood species used for kitchen cabinetry, and the wood's wide availability and modest cost make it an excellent material choice for kitchen cabinets of varying price ranges. From inexpensive stock cabinets to high-end custom cabinets, there is a type and style of oak cabinetry available to meet the needs of almost any kitchen remodeling budget.

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Selecting solid oak cabinets

When deciding which solid oak cabinets to purchase, you should consider the budget and timeline of your project, as well as the design and installation requirements of your new kitchen.

  1. Stock cabinetry refers to pre-assembled cabinetry that is readily available at home improvement warehouses and from various online retailers. You can expect stock cabinetry to be the least expensive cabinet option, because the cabinets are mass produced and are usually available only in standard sizes, styles and finishes. One benefit of stock cabinets is that you can purchase them immediately, which means they can be perfect for projects with tight budgets and short timelines.
  2. Semi-Custom cabinets are those that you order from a cabinet showroom or online dealer, and are available in a range of sizes, styles and finishes. When ordering your semi-custom solid oak cabinets, you will have many options to choose from, such as built-in tray dividers, lazy susans, and roll-out shelving. Semi-custom cabinets are more expensive than stock cabinets, plus they are made to order, so you can expect that it will take several weeks before you have your new cabinets in hand.
  3. Custom cabinets are built by a cabinet maker who has constructed the cabinetry to meet your exact needs and the specific requirements of your kitchen. When ordering custom cabinets, you can work with a kitchen designer or directly with a local cabinet maker. Custom made cabinetry is oftentimes the most expensive option, but you can expect the cabinets to be unique and exactly what you want.


Although solid oak cabinets differ in price and availability, the strength and beauty of the wood's vibrant grain pattern is common to all different types of oak cabinetry.

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