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KraftMaid cabinets: price points depend on materials

by Aretha Grant

When it comes to semi-custom cabinetry, KraftMaid is a leading name in affordability, but if you're not careful, you can still rack up quite a bill when dreaming up your ideal kitchen scenario. One thing to keep in mind is the kind of material you want for your KraftMaid cabinets. Price, of course, will be difficult to nail down precisely until you have decided on all the details you want to include in your cabinetry.

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KraftMaid cabinets: price of materials is biggest cost factor

This list of materials from most to least expensive can get you started thinking about your dream kitchen, while keeping cost in mind for your KraftMaid cabinets. Prices for cherry cabinets, for example, may be more than your budget will allow, but maple or even oak might be a happy compromise.

  1. Cherry
  2. Hickory
  3. Birch
  4. Maple
  5. Oak
  6. White/Ivory Laminate


If you are planning a full-kitchen remodel or simply replacing your old cabinets, decide first on the material that suits your style plans but will help keep your KraftMaid cabinets' price in line with your budget. White/Ivory laminate, for example, will be your least costly option, but know that this material is specific. It's ideal for a modern-style kitchen, but won't have the warm, organic nature of a finer wood. If you are going for a more natural or classic look, you can keep costs low with oak as your most economical choice.

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