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Lacquer kitchen cabinets: Ancient Chinese meets modern needs

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Lacquer finishes give a high-gloss appearance to kitchen cabinets. Lacquer is not easily, adversely affected by exposure to soap, water, sunlight, olive oil, alcohol or the acids found in vinegar, lemon juice, grape juice, tomato sauce, coffee and mustard. When lacquer finishes are properly maintained, they can look good for decades.

Another take on lacquer cabinets

Lacquer kitchen cabinets range in price and quality from cheap finishes over particleboard to expensive, custom-crafted, solid wood or inlaid pieces. Cheap lacquer has a bad reputation, because it chips and scratches easily and often develops a cloudy appearance, if it gets wet.

Despite their resilience to foodstuffs and mother nature, these high-gloss cabinet surfaces are not recommended, if young children live in your household. Like most high-gloss finishes, lacquer shows fingerprints easily. And rough play can quickly damage the smooth, glassy finish with scratches and dents.










Lacquer kitchen cabinets: shop like a pro, hire a pro

A lacquer finish requires skill to apply properly; it dries quickly, leaving little time to fix mistakes. Because few homeowners are experts in assessing the quality of a lacquer finish, look for manufacturers who provide a good warranty. Some manufacturers offer two-year, limited warranties, while others void their warranties, if the cabinets are sold or installed by anyone other than authorized dealers. The best type of warranty for lacquer kitchen cabinets is a lifetime, transferable warranty.


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