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Maple kitchen cabinets: A hard-working hardwood

Maple is resistant to dents and scratches, so it is ideal for heavy-use kitchens. Maple kitchen cabinets also hold stain well. Their fine grain and hard, smoothness make them excellent for painted finishes, too.

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Maple kitchen cabinets: when its all about appearances

Maple's light blond, cinnamon and golden tones look beautiful in bright, sunny kitchens. Its two most popular varieties boast unique, rippling grains:

  • Curly maple or burl maple comes from trees that grew twisted. Burl maple's unusual, mottled appearance is preserved through a special method of cutting the lumber.

  • The grain of bird's-eye maple, also called sugar maple, forms when buds or shoots are unable to penetrate the tough bark to form branches. When freshly cut, sugar maple appears creamy white in color. As it ages, it darkens to a golden yellow.

If your kitchen is very sunny, or has an imbalance of sunny and shaded areas, keep in mind that stained maple can fade in sunlight. One day, you may wake to realize your kitchen cabinets look like two different colors. Plan drapes and wood choice accordingly.

Maple can be bought at reasonable prices today, because the supply is still fairly abundant. However, maple is a single-growth wood, so when the present supply is exhausted, there will be no more to take its place. Forestry experts estimate that within twenty-five years, our supply of maple wood will be gone. So the investment you make in maple kitchen cabinets today, may be worth substantially more to the next generation that owns your home.

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