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Out of the woods: cabinets made from wood are timeless

by Aretha Grant

There is something to be said for the classic warmth of fine woodworking. Depending on the wood species and skill of the cabinet maker, cabinets can adopt any style from modern to art-deco, shaker to appliance.

5 popular woods: cabinets take center-stage

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  1. Oak: This strong, open-grained hardwood produces dramatic variations in color, ranging from a pinkish hue to nearly white. One of the harder woods, cabinets made from oak are among the most durable. Oak is also one of the most affordable cabinetry options.

  2. Maple: Because this species is among the hardest woods, cabinets made from maple can last as long as those made from oak. Maple is about 20-25 percent more expensive than oak and has almost no grain.

  3. Birch: This is one of those rising popularity woods: cabinets made from birch look like maple for the cost of oak.

  4. Cherry: One of the finer woods, cabinets made from this cherry are usually more expensive than the others. Despite the cost, for some home owners cherry is a great choice, because it is a hardwood that gets more beautiful with age, as it darkens.

  5. Bamboo: A great "green" option, bamboo is a soft wood prone to dents and dings. A rapidly replenishing species that tops the list of eco-friendly woods. Cabinets made from bamboo will give your home a modern feel.

There are many other species of wood available, such as walnut, pine, laminate and others. Hopefully, knowing a little bit about these five will get you started on your journey to find the perfect cabinets for your home.


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