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Rigid Thermofoil for Cabinets Can Bring Down Kitchen Design Costs

by Shannon Dauphin

Refacing kitchen cabinets can be an expensive proposition. The materials you use to reface the cabinets can make or break your kitchen design budget, so serious research into your kitchen cabinet options is always a good idea. One of the best options for saving money is rigid thermofoil.

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Rigid Thermofoil and Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Rigid thermofoil is actually a vinyl sheet that has been molded to look like the front of a kitchen cabinet. The vinyl is then attached to fiberboard. The result is a kitchen cabinet that looks like the real thing, but costs much less. Here are a few other advantages:

  • Vinyl is very easy to clean, and can handle cleaning products that might damage wood or other materials. That makes the occasional splash and stain much easier to remove.
  • There are no seams in the vinyl, so the cabinets don't run the risk of swelling like wooden kitchen cabinets. The lack of seams also makes the cabinets easier to paint if you decide to change the look of your kitchen in the future.
  • Rigid thermofoil is not heat resistant, so it should not be used on countertops. However, heat shields for kitchen cabinets that are subjected to the heat of a nearby stove are available to protect your new investment. Some companies also offer warranties against separation of the vinyl from the fiberboard.
  • The price is the biggest advantage. Wood refacing for your kitchen cabinets can cost almost as much as new cabinet units, but if you opt for a refacing material with the look and feel of wood, you can save more room in your budget for other components of your kitchen design.



About the Author

Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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