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Rescuing a Splintered Pantry Cabinet

by Greg Keefer

Hairline cracks and splitting develop in pantry cabinet doors as a result of stress and other environmental factors. These cracks are unsightly but are easily repaired.

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Here are steps you can take to put your pantry cabinets back in action.

  • Glue the interior of the cracks. Work wood glue into the cracks by spreading it on the cracks and rubbing it in with your finger. Another way to get the glue into cracks without making the splitting worse is to apply glue to the edge of a piece of paper and then insert the paper into the cracks. Some of the glue will stay when the paper is pulled back out.
  • Close large cracks. Big cracks require being held together with clamps. For practical considerations, take a cracked pantry cabinet door off the hinge and use an extended clamp while the door is laying flat. Smaller cracks with little separation can be held together with packing tape or by propping the door open and then lightly applying pressure against the edge. Use the easiest technique available to force the crack closed until the glue sets.
  • Large cracks require drastic action. Go directly to the clamp stage of the repair process. Glue the crack and set the clamps to hold the edges of the glued crack in place.
  • Repair difficult cracks. Splits and cracks on the frame, drawers, and other sections of pantry cabinets require an adjustment in your repair tactics. You might be forced to disassemble the cabinet in order to clamp the offending parts or effectively keep the damage tightly compacted while the glue sets.

A crack isn't the end of the story. Your pantry cabinet can be restored with a little tender loving care.

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