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The professionals' choice: KraftMaid cabinets

When purchasing new kitchen cabinets, experts recommend that consumers take personal style into consideration before buying. However, quality and manufacturer are equally, if not more, important.

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There are also several other elements to consider:

  1. architectural style of the home
  2. storage needs and the sizes of the items which will be stored
  3. level of maintenance desired for cabinet upkeep
  4. color or stain preferences of cabinet boxes and doors
  5. detail preferences, such as moldings, display space and trim

When choosing a kitchen cabinet manufacturer, select one with a history of producing high-quality products, a reputation for creating lasting value at an affordable price, and the recommendations of qualified professionals.

KraftMaid cabinets: value and style

With the above criteria in mind, consumers often turn to KraftMaid cabinets on the recommendations of professionals. Remodeler James Benoit of Pennsylvania told Remodeling Magazine that he chooses KraftMaid for his high-end renovations based on the manufacturer's reputation in these key areas:

  1. upscale style
  2. high-quality design
  3. quick turnaround time
  4. reasonable price point

Indeed, KraftMaid cabinet prices are more affordable than those of many custom cabinet builders. It should be noted that prices vary greatly based on a variety of options, including size, material, door style and finish, and color and details. However, online quotes from KraftMaid dealers place the cost of their cabinetry in a medium-sized kitchen between $10,000 and $12,000. General estimates are based on approximately 36 linear feet of 36-inch oak or cherry cabinetry.

While cabinetry may not be the "hottest," most talked-about element in your remodeled kitchen, professionals know how cabinets can create a backdrop of beauty and lend their distinct style to the space. KraftMaid cabinets are a good-quality, affordable option to meet your kitchen remodeling needs.

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