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Three Ways Black Kitchen Cabinets Fit Into Your Color Scheme

by Greg Keefer

Black and white kitchens were very popular several years ago, and it seems the concept has never really gone away. Contrasting black and white as kitchen décor is a striking feature that compliments modern kitchens. Black kitchen cabinets create an impressive appearance, as they stand in bold contrast to white kitchen walls and appliances.

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Here are a few ideas to maximize the appearance of new and remodeled kitchens.

Overall Contrast of Your Kitchen

Few color contrasts are more vivid than the contrast between white and black. Kitchens that feature white and black turn heads and attract the attention of of even the most experienced home décor connoisseurs.

Black Kitchen Cabinets

White walls and appliances are sharply defined when black kitchen cabinets offset the room. High-gloss white walls take on a more dazzling brilliance when contrasted with a solid black cabinet.

Hardware for black kitchen cabinets is naturally black or bright white. The cabinets settle into the background as bright white knobs grab your visitors' attention. Use either bronze or silver hinges, but, since they're seldom seen, the color of the hinges isn't an issue.

Black and White Floor Tile

Black on white kitchen features seem even more striking when black and white tiles cover the floor. The larger contrasting appearance of the kitchen cabinets and walls flow naturally into the smaller patterns below. Black and white wall tile accomplishes the same effect, and, in tiny sizes, adds yet even another exciting dimension to your new kitchen.

Black kitchen cabinets can make a so-so kitchen scream with intensity. And, since the kitchen is the heart of many homes, adding this touch of excitement may inspire you to make bold choices elsewhere in your home.

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