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White cabinets: which shade of white is right?

by Aretha Grant

Even if you aren't an expert in color theory, you might remember what you learned in elementary school: Black is the absence of color, and white is all colors combined. What that really means is that black absorbs all color and hides it from our eyes, while the color white reflects every color in the visible light spectrum to our eyes. So, it's not surprising that within the color white, there are many variations: Some reflect more blue, some more green, some more red or even yellow. Here are five popular whites to get you started in your search for finding the perfect shade for your cabinets.

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5 popular shades of white cabinets

  1. Super white: Known as a pure white, this is the most popular shade.
  2. Linen white: This white has a pinkish-yellow hue, which will give a warm but classic tone to your white cabinets.
  3. China white: Good for adding warmth, this variationg has a little beige in it.
  4. Ballet white: Part of the Off-White color collection, this white has a pinkish hue.
  5. Mayonnaise: This white has a bit of yellow in it, which will brighten and warm the tone of your room.

Note that these five shades are from Benjamin Moore and are readily available at many home improvement centers. But remember that shades differ depending on the manufacturer, and that there are TONS of manufacturers out there. Now that you know a little bit about shades of white, you're on your way to finding the perfect white paint for your cabinets.

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