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Solid Surface Kitchen Countertops

Solid surface kitchen countertops have come a long way since the days when laminate was king. The combination of usability and design set a tone and a standard. Be it the classic elegance of granite or wood, a colorful solid surface or laminate, or the sleek feel of stainless steel, solid surface kitchen countertops abound with options.


With hundreds of options for solid surface countertops and kitchen surfaces, there are four main points to focus on:

  • How long will the kitchen countertops last?
  • How durable they will be?
  • How difficult are they to install?
  • How costly are they?

Durable solid surface kitchen countertops typically carry a ten year limited warranty. Damage and stain resistance features insure your countertops will remain beautiful for years to come. Elaborate edge treatments, unique inlays, coved backsplashes and integral sinks provide an infinite array of custom touches

The difficulty level to install will be determined by yourself and the countertops installer. A professional kitchen or bathroom countertops installer will provide all the details for you to make an informed decision for your remodeling project.

Cost, though not necessarily the most important factor, always plays a part in your final decision. would love to help you get the best product, for the best price, which suits your personal taste and appeal.

Give your kitchen a whole new look by renewing your cabinets. Refacing your current cabinets can bring a fresh new look to your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a full kitchen remodeling project. To locate a reputable cabinet company serving your area, complete this form.

Material Relative Cost Advantages/ Disadvantages Care Repairability
Granite High High Style. 'Cool' surface for handling dough. Smooth surface. Does not mar or scratch easily. Will absorb some oils, stains. Heat resistant. Not repairable. Use cutting board.
Stainless Steel High Cool surface, trendy professional look. Does not chip, crack. Does not absorb stains, oils or odors. Heat impervious. Will scratch easily. Scratches cannot be repaired.
Marble (slab) High 'Cool' surface for handling dough. Professional look. Smooth surface. Absorbs oils and some odors. Heat impervious. Scratches somewhat easily. Not repairable.
Wood Butcher Block Medium high Warm but 'professional' appearance. Will scratch. Use cutting board. Will absorb stains and odors. Resistant to heat damage. Sand surface and reseal to repair scratches. Regular application of mineral oil keeps wood in peak condition.
Solid Surface Medium high Smooth surface. Difficult to mar. Easy to repair, restore. Does not absorb oils or odors.Resistant to damage by heat. Easy to repair surface scratches, stains and burns. Deeper damage can be professionally repaired.
Solid Surface 'laminates' Medium Smooth surface. Difficult to mar. Easy to restore. Does not absorb oils or odors.Resistant to damage by heat. Surface scratches, burns or stains are easily repaired. Deeper damage can be professionally repaired.
Tile Medium Hard surface. Will not scratch. High Style. Does not absorb oils or odors.Heat impervious. Grout lines to clean.Can chip and grout can discolor. Somewhat repair-able.
Plastic Laminate Low Least expensive to install or replace. Vast color pattern selection. Does not absorb stains, oils or odors. Avoid high heat. Can scratch or chip. Not repair-able.

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