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Unique Kitchen Countertop Ideas

by Shannon Dauphin

When you want your kitchen to stand out, going with unique kitchen countertop ideas is the way to go! Most people immediately think of the accessories, colors, or even cabinet design to make a kitchen different from any other in the neighborhood, but how often do you see a unique kitchen countertop?

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Here are a few great ideas for unique kitchen countertop design:

  • Go with glass. Glass is a versatile, eco-friendly alternative to the classic countertop materials. You can have anything you like put into your glass countertop, such as shards of colored dishes, pieces of wine bottles, or even bottle caps.
  • Create your own. Using a framed surface to hold the elements inside, consider using pebbles, sand, small unique objects, or even newspaper headlines to create the look of your countertop. Add all the elements into the frame as you would like to see them every day, then add an acrylic top to the frame. Seal the edges properly, and you have a countertop that is the most unique in the neighborhood!
  • Get creative with tile. Who says tile has to be the only thing you use on your tile countertop? Fill in small spaces with tiny treasures, like pieces of glass bottles, shiny pennies, or bits of stone. The tile countertop itself can be created as a mosaic of anything you choose. The options are endless!
  • Use pounded copper. Copper can make for a very expensive kitchen countertop, but if you are looking for something unique, you can bet none of your neighbors have jumped on the copper countertop wagon just yet!

Your kitchen design, including your countertop, should be something you enjoy seeing every day. Make sure it is as unique as you are!

About the Author

Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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