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Globetrotting Food Lovers Bring Tuscan Kitchens Home

As American baby boomers enter retirement age, some of them are using their newfound free time to explore the Tuscan countryside. With farmhouses and villas on rolling hills, Tuscany represents a dream come true for a generation of Americans who wrote the book on squeezing more hours into their days. Inspired by the rustic ease of Tuscan kitchens, many travelers are inspired to build their own Tuscan kitchens back home, with a little help from cabinet refacing specialists.

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Innkeepers and tour operators are eager to cater to the whims of tourists who want little more than to glean some secrets from authentic Tuscan kitchens. While tourists from other countries might not find cooking classes a relaxing way to spend their holiday, Americans jump at the chance to feel productive while living out their culinary fantasies.

Cabinet Refacing Brings Tuscan Kitchens to American Homes

American tourists are doing more with their snapshots of Tuscan kitchens than creating scrapbooks. Some travelers are using cabinet refacing techniques to recreate the classic look and feel of Tuscan kitchens in their own homes. Cabinet refacing experts stain and age wood while using plaster and other tools to convert modern kitchens into hearths straight from Tuscany.

Cabinet refacing takes only a few days, compared to total kitchen remodeling projects that can stretch out over months. Best of all, the money saved on cabinet refacing instead of a total kitchen overhaul leaves plenty of room in the budget for a return trip to a land where food, wine, and conversation reign supreme.


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