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Country Kitchen Designs and Pictures

There's a reason country kitchen designs are popular: They're comfortable. They seem to say, "Come in and sit down." Country cabinets often have light or white stains on light-colored wood. Country kitchen designs may include bright window treatments, knick-knacks, large bowls, and simple hardware. They offer some homey or hand-made appeal, with just about anything displayed on the wall. Deep single- or double-bowl ranch sinks make cooking and cleanup easy.

You can modify the look to suit your own style by including farmhouse or cottage accents. Country doesn't mean shabby, or necessarily include wagon wheels and horseshoes! French, English, and Italian country kitchens create the same spacious feel without the lariats and crossed spurs. The accent is on ample countertop space lit by large windows or skylights. Complete the design with period-style ovens, cast-iron cookware, and metal wall decorations. Or build in contemporary ovens, cooktops, appliances, and range hoods to make the place your own.

Photos of Country Kitchens:

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