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Fresh Ideas: Designing Kitchen Floor Plans for Every Need

by Gabby Hyman

If you're looking over floor plan ideas for your new or remodeled kitchen, it's important to consider what kinds of appliances you hope to fit into the room, your total budget, and how you plan on using your workspace. Take stock of how much traffic will flow through the room during its busiest hours and how much room you need for your three major chores: food preparation, cooking, and cleanup.

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One idea is to organize your kitchen floor plan in a u-shaped design, with three walls dedicated to appliances, cabinets, and the sink, avoiding pass-through traffic entirely. However, the u-shape floor plan won't provide room for dining.

L-shaped kitchen floor plans allow for storage and appliances on two walls set at right angles, with work stations set in the crook of the L. If you have the floor space, this design can allow for temporary crowds without significantly interfering with prep, cooking and baking, and cleanup.

Depending on total square footage for the kitchen, you might consider ideas such as adding an island to either U or L-shaped designs to add utility and storage as well as direct the flow of traffic. If this kitchen idea appeals to you, be sure to allow for at least three feet of passing space between any one side of the island and the facing wall.

If your kitchen square footage is severely limited, consider a galley plan, where you put storage, appliances, and the sink on opposing walls. This kitchen floor plan is essentially a corridor, with opposing work stations. With a galley, you'll want at least four feet between opposing walls in order to work in comfort.

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