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5 Ways to Use Your Glass Cabinets

by Greg Keefer

Most cabinets are designed to store and conceal items so they're inconspicuous to the casual observer. Glass cabinets do the opposite. They draw attention to the proudly displayed items and emphasize their importance.

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Five Ways to Use Your Glass Cabinets

  1. Kitchen storage: Color-coordinated and well-planned kitchens often use cookware, dishes, and other kitchen utensils to bring out contrasts and supplement the color scheme. Glass cabinets with or without doors allow home decorators to do amazing things in a small, yet functional space.
  2. Collections: Glass cabinets are made for dolls and other collectibles. The clean glass base allows admirers to enjoy the collections from any angle, no matter how high up the wall you mount your cabinets. Enclosed glass cabinets protect your collectibles from dust, moisture, and uninvited handling.
  3. Books and periodicals: Glass shelving and cabinets are ideal for showcasing your library. Glass cabinets invite visitors to browse titles and, perhaps, remove one for further investigation.
  4. Bathroom medicine chest: See what you have above your bathroom sink. Glass medicine cabinets keep your necessities at eye level when you need them.
  5. Organizer: Glass cabinets are a functional way to organize smaller items. They also allow you to find what you're looking for, and make your room seem more spacious.

Glass cabinets are also easy to clean. Use a little window cleaner and a soft cloth rag or paper towel for a clean-up job that takes only a few minutes.


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