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Three Hot Kitchen Color Trends

by Dawn West

Kitchens are gathering places, and the right colors can bring energy to all those kitchen together-times. But no one wants to fall prey to the color-of-the-moment (remember avocado?) This guide to today's hottest kitchen colors helps you walk that line and land on a kitchen design and color scheme that's modern without being overly-trendy.

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Bold Kitchen Colors

Black, white, stainless steel, or wood-paneled are the most popular choices today for refrigerators, ovens, and stoves today. For kitchen cabinets, white or traditional wood finishes are most common. If your kitchen falls in these camps, that means your kitchen design can and should bring in color in other, smaller areas. Think red back splashes or yellow tiles above the stove. A bold countertop color can look especially chic in a modern kitchen. Say a copper, or a rich green. If your appliances and your cabinets are neutral, you've got room to play without turning your kitchen into a carnival. Pick a color you like, then imagine it in a vivid shade. Tone down until you reach your comfort point, then be bold and give it a try.

Warm Kitchen Colors

The classic color theory of design says cool colors like blues and greens are soothing and therefore suited for the quiet sanctuary areas of a home -- bedrooms, bathrooms -- while warm colors like yellows and reds are energizing and therefore ought to be employed in active areas like living rooms and kitchens. The modern take on this theory is not fire-engine red kitchen cabinets with yellow daisy curtains; instead its subtle, sophisticated versions of warm colors: burnished apricots, pale marigolds, or baked-in-the-sun terracottas. Modern warms are meant more for blending than popping, so mixing shades can be especially appealing, say ginger or gold layered with amber or rust. Because warm colors are well suited to background notes, rather than painting your kitchen cabinets a sun-bleached yellow, consider painting your walls or using warm-notes in a tile or linoleium floor.

White Kitchens

This perennial favorite isn't going anywhere. White is clean, classic, and it creates a blank slate you can accent. Go white, then add a dash of color in artwork, textiles, even flowers. White kitchen cabinets, white appliances, even white countertops (especially in upscale materials like granite)... choose white and your kitchen design is guaranteed to be white hot for years to come.

Whether you're remodeling your kitchen or just sprucing it up a bit, this year's hot kitchen colors can make your kitchen get-togethers with friends and family just a little more beautiful.

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