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Kitchen Decor: Changing Your Kitchen Look by Design

by Gabby Hyman

You don't need to rebuild your entire kitchen to create a spacious, elegant décor that you'll love. It's amazing that you can change the entire kitchen look and design with a touch of color, fresh paint, new furniture, new carts, racks, storage cabinets, cutting boards, islands, and small appliances.

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Start with the basics and add new colors, patterns, or materials in tables and chair, placemats, tablecloths, towels, trash cans, toasters, coffee makers, cookware, and cutlery. New organizers, dish racks, baskets, or dinnerware can change the décor in less than an hour's time.

You can create an entirely new kitchen look by changing out your ceiling light, spotlights, or lamps, altering the kitchen décor by your choice of metal, wood, lamp style or bulb colors. Flush-mount ceiling lights create a modern, clean look, while a chandelier can add instant elegance and charm. Decorative light switches and vases can transform a dull design into a fresh look.

Compact or stowaway dish racks clear up valuable counter space while adding a clean line to your kitchen décor. Towels in a wide range of modern or vintage styles can add panache to your kitchen, transforming a dull space to a lively room where guests are likely to linger.

Serving carts, wine carts, or portable islands not only extend your functional surface, they can add a fresh look in a wide selection of woods, metals, and composite materials. A well-placed, attractive sideboard can alter your décor with a deft touch. And don't forget the wide range of materials and styles in wall and table clocks that help you get your meal on the table on time while lending flair and completing the kitchen look.

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