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Small Kitchen Ideas Add Depth

by Joe Taylor, Jr.

Although custom home builders love to show off the large kitchens in their portfolios, many Americans still make do with small kitchens, especially in cities like New York and San Francisco. Instead of feeling boxed in, discuss the following small kitchen ideas with a kitchen cabinet refacing professional who can help you open up your cooking space.

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  • Simplify your small kitchen first. Because we spend so much time in the kitchen, it's easy for your cooking space to become cluttered with papers, gadgets, and small electronic devices. While you can throw away old restaurant menus and try to find storage for some of your counter clutter, a kitchen cabinet refacing professional can suggest ways to better store seldom-used appliances like mixers and blenders.
  • Leave more room at the top. Restaurant kitchens work well by hiding large objects in cabinets below waist level while leaving commonly used items in open storage areas above shoulder height. Not only does this make you feel like you have more space, open storage can also reduce your kitchen cabinet refacing costs. If you prefer to keep your kitchen cabinets closed, you can achieve a similar open feel by refacing high kitchen cabinets with framed glass doors.
  • Add more dimensions to your cooking space. One of the most intriguing small kitchen ideas adds more depth to a room by layering surfaces. For instance, refacing kitchen cabinets with multiple layers of toned material provides the optical illusion of distance. Adding tiered shelves to a counter can also provide a sense of extended space, especially when paired with an opaque backsplash near the stove or sink.

Use these ideas to make your small kitchen seem like it isn't small at all.


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