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The Pantry Returns to Kitchen Cabinet Layouts

by Joe Taylor, Jr.

Restoring kitchen cabinets means more today than just updating exterior surfaces. In a growing number of homes, it means radically revising kitchen cabinet layouts to accommodate today's lifestyles and tomorrow's potential accessibility needs.

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Experts suggest that the pantry disappeared for a while in the middle of the 20th Century as home cooks preferred to rely on fewer tools and ingredients, all stored close by. While kitchen cabinet layouts expanded to include space for specialty cookware and utensils, too many kitchen cabinets lead to an impractical work space for cooking. Experts suggest that the "triangle" formed by the refrigerator, the sink, and the stove should be no more than 26 feet long.

Vintage Kitchen Cabinet Layouts Offer More than Nostalgia

Restoring kitchen cabinets with the "triangle" length in mind can help create a productive space with a storage area that can bring back childhood memories. More than a nostalgic throwback, a pantry also offers a kitchen cabinet layout with room for the kind of supplies that Americans often stock up on at warehouse clubs. Some homeowners prefer to keep their cabinet refacing costs down by using simple wood shelves or metal racks in pantries.

The pantry also simplifies kitchen cabinet layouts and creates a more accessible storage space for aging homeowners and for homeowners with disabilities. As Americans remain in their own homes longer than previous generations, a pantry with low shelves and a wide central space can be far more usable than a kitchen cabinet layout that requires a stepladder. Adding a lazy susan or sliding shelves can increase your cabinet refacing costs, but will make your new kitchen storage space even more efficient and useful.



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