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Top 3 green kitchen cabinets: styles for sustainability

You're tired of the same old kitchen cabinets. Styles have changed and so have the times. Or maybe your style hasn't changed, but you're committed to the green lifestyle and looking for eco-friendly kitchen cabinet alternatives that are timeless. Check out these top choices for a sustainable kitchen.

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Top sustainable kitchen cabinets: styles for contemporary to classic tastes

  • Bamboo cabinets--Offering clean lines and a smooth surface, you'd think using bamboo as a building material was a new invention. However, bamboo has been used in flooring and furniture in Asia for centuries. This fast-growing wood actually benefits from being cut, giving new shoots room to grow. Some city ordinances even ban growing bamboo, because it springs up so quickly. The wood itself is naturally water resistant and is strong like hardwood, despite its lighter weight.
  • Lyptus cabinets--This sustainable material is a hybrid of two forms of eucalyptus tree--Eucalyptus grandis and E. urophylla, for those keeping track at home. Grown on farms in Brazil, there's no worry of deforestation or other typical dangers. Wood can be harvested more quickly, in 14 to 16 years. What's more, Lyptus comes in a range of natural colors, transforming to take on the appearance of rich cherry, dark oak or warm maple--without stains.
  • Salvaged wood cabinets--When it comes to kitchen cabinets, styles come and go. The good news is that some styles remain classic. Salvaged wood cabinets are made from wood that is reclaimed and often processed (some salvage companies call it "upcycled"), creating a new-to-you product with charm and character.

Explore your options for green kitchen cabinets, and you could be surprised at the large range of options you find. Manufacturers and builders are prepared to create a sustainable kitchen within your budget.

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