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Tuscan Kitchen Design Trend Brushing Away Stainless Steel

by Joe Taylor, Jr.

Whether homeowners prefer to keep their cabinet refacing costs low or they simply crave a slower pace, a major change is popping up in many home renovation projects across the country. The brushed metal cabinets and matching stainless steel appliances craze is winding down, only to be replaced by the warmer, heartier bronze and copper tones popular in Tuscany and in the Napa Valley.

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Some experts suggest that "Wine Country Style," which marries classic Tuscan kitchen design with modern materials, emphasizes family and hearth while still finding room for the high tech gadgets beloved by American home cooks. Best of all, creative cabinet refacing can achieve this look for a fraction of the cost of new, custom cabinets.

Black, silver, and chrome kitchens that reached popularity a few years ago can be brought up to date with Tuscan kitchen design in mind. Cabinet refacing specialists can create custom covers that obscure stainless steel appliances. Brushed aluminum inlays can be reset with frosted glass or pressed laminate to keep cabinet refacing costs low. The entire kitchen can be fitted with bronze and copper faucets and fixtures that evoke a stress-free, country lifestyle.

Tuscan Kitchen Design Opens More Space for Food and Fun

Warmer, deeper colors are not the only Tuscan kitchen design influences reaching American shores. Tired of TV dinners and fast food, a growing number of Americans are emulating the casual lifestyle of wine country residents by taking more time to cook. Classic Tuscan kitchen design incorporates more space for food and cookware storage, often spilling over from the kitchen into a separate pantry area. Cabinet refacing specialists have started helping homeowners convert closets and other storage spaces into extended kitchen areas.


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