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Versatile stacking cabinets go anywhere

Stacking cabinets are a great alternative to built-in cabinetry, monolithic wall units or multiple pieces of free-standing storage cabinets. They offer versatility in any room of the house, as you have control over how tall, and even how wide they can be by stacking them vertically and horizontally. Stacking cabinets are easy to arrange and rearrange to fit any room. They have numerous uses as well.

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Types of stacking cabinets available

You can find stackable cabinets designed for specific uses that were once the job of large, stationary units such as these:

  1. File cabinets
  2. Dressers
  3. Kitchen cabinets
  4. Storage cabinets
  5. Media cabinets
  6. Glass-door china cabinets and bookcases


Prices range widely, but you can expect to spend anywhere from $200 on a single metal unit to almost $1,000 for either several stackable units or a premium wood unit. Or a lot more.

A single, steel-reinforced wood file cabinet may cost just under $250, while a three-piece Highland Park wood and glass stack of cases by Kincaid sells for more than $3,000, on sale.

Materials used for stacking cabinets

Stacking cases are made of the same materials as any other cabinet units. However, some materials that are becoming popular for stackable units include bamboo, poplar and lyptus.

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable materials, as it is the most naturally replenishable source commercially available. Poplar is a favorite because it is usually less costly than most other woods. Lyptus, a relatively new cabinet material, is a hybrid of the eucalyptus tree and a hardwood tree from Brazil. This hybridization allows the trees to mature in 15 years--much faster than most tree species--thus, reforestation is much faster.



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