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3 myths about ready to assemble kitchen cabinets

The truth: Ready to assemble (RTA) kitchen cabinets are often misunderstood. Many myths surround these products, but getting to the bottom of the myths can result in big savings for do-it-yourselfers.

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Myth 1: All ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are made of synthetic materials

Fact: RTA cabinets have real wood boxes and a variety of solid wood doors, made of materials like maple, oak, walnut and cherry. Many manufacturers refuse to use any fillers or particle board in their cabinets, and it shows in the finished product. To ensure you are getting the highest quality available, be specific about the type of wood you request. Also, ask salespeople to specify the materials their manufacturers uses for each part of the cabinet.

Myth 2: Ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are less expensive because they are lower quality

Fact: Like other off-brand products, cabinets are often difficult to differentiate from their name brand counterparts. However, they are often discounted by up to 50 percent. The reason is that they are more compact to store and ship. And, because they are shipped ready to assemble, they are also less likely to arrive damaged at your door.

Myth 3: RTA kitchen cabinets are inferior to brands like American Woodmark or Kitchens DeWils Cabinets

Fact: It is true that many name brands are known for their high quality and superior products. However, that does not mean that ready to assemble kitchen cabinets are inferior. In fact, many discount retailers stand by their product just like the name brands do. Before you buy, find out the manufacturer's return policy, the terms of the warranties they provide, and seek out their customer satisfaction rating online.

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