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3 reasons pictures of painted kitchen cabinets can't indicate quality

Whether you're browsing online or in magazines, you've probably experienced a moment when looking at pictures of painted kitchen cabinets has left you wondering why the stain and grain in the other photos gives you the impression of a better quality cabinet. Just as you wouldn't judge a book by its cover, there are a load of things you simply can't tell from pictures of painted kitchen cabinets. If you like the look of painted cabinets, here are three things to consider.

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1. A finish is just the icing. What about the cake?

You can't tell from a photo whether a cabinet is constructed from MDF, melamine, particle board, plywood or solid wood. You might really like the look of a cabinet, but the materials or construction could be lacking.

2. High-quality hardwoods can have painted finishes

Even though many people choose to leave high-quality hardwoods with a natural finish or a stain to see the grain, many cabinet manufacturers will let you choose a painted finish.

3. You can get a painted look without wood cabinets

Not all "paint" is paint.Thermofoil cabinets and laminate cabinets look very similar to painted cabinets and have their separate advantages, including ease of cleaning and durability. Be sure to explore all your options for finishes.

Though photo galleries on cabinet manufacturers' websites are typically high-quality images, you're only getting a small amount of information. Before you order your cabinets, be sure to either get to a showroom to see the actual product so you can feel the cabinets, open and close the drawers, bang shut the doors, and see how the those pictures of painted kitchen cabinets compare to the real thing without perfect lighting and photo editing.

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