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4 best practices for buying bathroom cabinets online

When you purchase bathroom cabinets online, it's easy to save both time and money. You even prevent stress, by avoiding traffic jams and worrying about whether your bathroom cabinets will fit in the trunk of your car. While ordering bathroom cabinets isn't as complicated as planning a kitchen, there are still a few best practices to keep in mind.

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4 tips for ordering bathroom cabinets online

Everyone wants a larger vanity, but not every bathroom can accommodate one. If your bathroom already had a vanity that is being replaced, chances are it was already the right size, unless you enlarged the room during your project. So remember these four things, when ordering bathroom cabinets online.

  1. Size does matter, especially with new bathroom cabinets. You want to move freely around your bathroom. Make sure you have the exact measurements of the space, where you plan to put the bathroom cabinets.

  2. Height. Vanities are usually available in one of two heights, about 31 inches tall or 34 inches tall. Those extra three inches can make a big difference on your back, if you're tall.

  3. Bowl Placement. If you're ordering a small, 24-inch or 30-inch vanity that gets a single-bowl, vanity top bowl placement should not not be an issue; but with a double-bowl arrangement make sure the cabinets will accommodate the size and location of both bowls.

  4. Accessories. Many companies that sell bathroom cabinets online have matching accessories available, such as wall-vanity units, shelving and vanity-drawer bases. Ordering all of your cabinetry and accessories at the same time can help ensure that you have a better chance of the finishes matching.

Purchasing bathroom cabinets online should be simple; but, if you have questions make sure to contact the company's customer service department, prior to placing your order.

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