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4 most innovative ways of decorating kitchen cabinets

by Shannon Dauphin

Decorating your kitchen cabinets can be as easy as a new layer of paint or a pretty design stenciled on the surface. But these clever ideas for decorating kitchen cabinets go further than the usual, and can make your so-so kitchen pop with character.

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Totally creative ways of decorating kitchen cabinets

Before you hit your local paint store, consider these unique ways of decorating your kitchen cabinets:

  1. Go artsy. Choose interesting vintage art from magazines, or hit up a "starving artist" show in your area. Cover the inexpensive art with a sturdy plastic sleeve, attach it to the front of your cabinets, and seal it well with craft glue. Add a few coats of varnish if you want to make your decoration permanent.
  2. Handle surprise. If the handles on your cabinets match everything else in your kitchen, shake things up with handles that offer a little surprise. Handles in bright colors and geometric shapes can spice up a modern kitchen, while mismatched antique handles can work wonders for traditional styles.
  3. Wallpaper wonders. Choose wallpaper with interesting borders that you can cut to the proper size, then apply them to your cabinet fronts. Choose colors and designs that contrast nicely with the color and designs on your kitchen walls. To make the cabinet art more durable, add a few layers of clear varnish.
  4. Make a mosaic. Create very personal kitchen cabinets by turning the fronts into mosaics. Choose something that interests you--if you love the ocean, small seashells might be a good bet. If you enjoy sewing, consider unique buttons for your mosaic. Rough up the surface of the cabinet with sandpaper and attach lightweight objects with sturdy glue. Create a true mosaic by applying colored grout between the pieces.

Break up the monotony without decoration

Don't want to decorate your cabinets, but you're still craving a change? Consider removing one kitchen cabinet door and using that space as a showcase for your favorite dishes. This move breaks up the line of cabinets for an interesting visual, and you can always put the cabinet door back up if you decide you don't like the look.

About the Author

Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee. Her house was built in 1901, so home repair and renovation have become her hobbies.

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