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5 easy tips to determine your cabinetry prices

Find out what to expect from cabinetry prices by making a plan before you begin. Create a smart budget for any kitchen cabinet project by using these helpful tips.

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  1. Sketch a plan. The size and shape of your kitchen will be a huge factor in determining cabinetry prices. Draw a plan to determine how many cabinets and drawers you'll need.
  2. Choose a material. Pick a style to get a basic price range. Paint grade cabinets ($16-20 per square foot) are lower quality but easy to camouflage with a coat of paint, while woods like oak, hickory and cherry ($20-30 per square foot) are pricier but more durable and naturally beautiful.
  3. Customize. Cabinetry prices vary highly based on customization. Decide if you'd like to customize with hand-crafted finishes, glass doors and other extras. While a stock 10x12 kitchen can cost from $4,000-$5,000 and up, a semi-custom job can range $8,000-$10,000 and up.
  4. Remember extras. Handles, pulls, hinges and other accessories can range from $2 to $20 per piece depending on the materials involved. Don't forget to add these to your budget, as they can really add up.
  5. Choose a contractor. Since installing and refacing aren't typically DIY projects, choosing an installer also affects your bottom line. Go with installers who are licensed and come with good recommendations from former clients.

Use the tips above to begin your budget planning for any cabinet installation. With smart research, you can start your cabinet project with the confidence that you'll finish close to your budget.


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