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5 quick tips on caring for natural oak kitchen cabinets

You've spent a pretty penny on your new, natural oak kitchen cabinets. So you want them to look as great in a decade as they do today. Keep these tips in mind to protect your cabinetry investment.

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Protecting natural oak kitchen cabinets

  1. Follow your cabinet manufacturer's recommendations. Manufacturers know best, when it comes to upkeep of natural oak kitchen cabinets. Depending on the finish, some oils and additives in cleaning products can damage your cabinets. Kraftsmaid recommends using a product like Murphy's Oil Soap for cleaning. Staying away from petroleum-, silicone- and wax-based products.
  2. Wipe up spills immediately. Wood is dried to a specific moisture content, and when wood furniture expands, bad things happen. Wipe up spills immediately and make sure that your cabinets are completely dry. Use a clean, soft cloth. Do not use a dishtowel or sponge, which may have residual grease.

  3. Never use bleach on natural oak kitchen cabinets. Despite the light to white appearance of natural oak cabinets, bleach will damage the finish; it can cause white oak to turn green or brown. If you want to disinfect, consider purchasing a UV wand to kill bacteria and viruses.

  4. Move your coffee pot and small appliances. The steam and heat produced from small appliances can cause oak cabinets to warp. Move appliances away from your cabinets to a different countertop or a kitchen island.

  5. Tell family and staff about caring for natural oak cabinetry. To avoid mishaps with new cabinetry, share this information. If you hire a housekeeper, who brings her or his own cleaning products, be sure to explain what products are safe for your natural oak kitchen cabinets. Always keep the appropriate cleaning supplies on hand.

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