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Are RTA kitchen cabinets a good choice?

Many people's past experiences cause them to cringe when they hear a product is "ready to assemble." But what if doing your own assembly could save you a lot of money, the instructions were easy to follow, and the only tool you needed was a screwdriver? Ready to assemble, or RTA kitchen cabinets as they are called, are one of the best ways to save money during your kitchen remodeling project. Often, the cabinets can be the same quality or perhaps even better than those offered at home improvement stores.

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Choosing the right RTA kitchen cabinets

You should always educate yourself before shopping for kitchen cabinets and this can be even more important with RTA cabinets as you may be dealing with online retailers many miles away. RTA kitchen cabinets are available in most of the same materials and styles as already assembled cabinets and can be purchased already finished or choose to do your own finishing for additional savings. Some retailers advertise savings of up to 30 or 40 percent by using ready to assemble cabinets for your project. When looking for RTA cabinets, consider the following:

  • Assembly--Look for cabinets that can be assembled quickly and easily and you don't need an engineering degree to read the instructions. Some retailers sell cabinets that can be put together in less than 30 minutes using only a screwdriver
  • Quality--A good rule of thumb when purchasing RTA cabinets is the more wood the better. Purchase cabinets with wood or plywood sides and look for plywood rear and bottom panels. Many manufacturers substitute MDF or particle board for wood in various places on cabinet boxes and this can lead to future durability issues
  • Shipping--Some cabinet companies are notorious for taking forever and a day to ship their products. Purchase from a company with reasonable shipping schedules

Hearing the phrase "ready to assemble" doesn't have to make you break out in a sweat if you choose the right RTA cabinet company.

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