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Be space-efficient with small kitchen cabinets

Like any room in a home or apartment, kitchens come in many different shapes and sizes. Not every kitchen has the square footage to be the kind of vast dream kitchen displayed in home improvement magazines. Homeowners with small kitchens can make the most out of their space by coming up with unconventional ideas. Unusually shaped or small kitchen cabinets can allow for the most functional use of limited space.

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Choices for small kitchen cabinets

Many kitchen and bath cabinet companies are focused on giving customers more options when it comes to small cabinetry. Some of the more popular manufacturers, like Thomasville, Armstrong and KraftMaid, allow a client to pick everything from the material and finish to the size and design. The endless amount of options enables the owner of a petite kitchen to pick any style or color scheme.

Kitchen stores and showrooms will usually offer a wider variety of cabinet options than online stores. Though online stores can be less expensive, their goods come straight from the manufacturer, which gives them smaller selection. Cabinet stores typically categorize cabinets in four different types, including:

  1. Base cabinets: installed on the floor, they hold the countertop
  2. Wall cabinets: installed on the wall
  3. Tall cabinets: take up both base and wall
  4. Accessories: customizable pieces that go inside the cabinets

The specific size, style and options will vary depending on the manufacturer. Thomasville, for example, offers base cabinets that are as small as 9 inches. Small kitchen cabinets are usually used to make the most of small space but can also be used to store very specific items such as cooking sheets, wine bottles or spices.

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