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Clever Sources for Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Cheap kitchen cabinets don't have to be boring, ugly, or out of style. In fact, the current trend of classic home decorating allows you to get the look of authentic Tuscan kitchen cabinets without the expensive price tag of a custom remodeling job. By refacing cabinets and tackling a few small projects with the help of a contractor, you can make your kitchen more functional as well as more beautiful.

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If you want to go beyond refacing the cabinets already in your home, a contractor may be able to help you locate inexpensive materials instead of building brand new cabinets. Habitat for Humanity funds some of its charitable home-building projects with help from a chain of shops it calls "ReStore." In addition to gently used and refurbished furniture, ReStore locations often stock kitchen cabinet materials removed from homes or left over from renovation projects. With a little restoration, these cheap kitchen cabinets can offer the extra storage you need. 

Paint and Hardware Define Tuscan Kitchen Cabinets

You can easily recreate the traditional colors of Tuscan kitchen cabinets with a few painters' tricks. When refacing cabinets, contractors often use a combination of latex paint and bees' wax to simulate the distressed look of Tuscan kitchen cabinets. Not only can you hide imperfections in the wood, you can also prevent bacteria and fungi from hiding in the cracks.

The final step to creating Tuscan kitchen cabinets on a budget is finding classic bronze hardware for doors and drawers. Contractors often donate vintage knobs and handles from teardown projects to ReStore or consign them to antique shops. When matched to the right color scheme, these finishing touches can make cheap kitchen cabinets look like expensive custom models.

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